Saturday, February 12, 2011

nicee day :P

helo peeps! :D lame sgt da ta update blog,busy mehh n full of works :) so today i wanna story bout semalamm :) semalam? HAHA :P yeahh! semalam,12 feb 2011,ari y d mne ak n all 69 mmbers xcept amy(xdpt mghadirkan diri sbb g pd,ad urusan pnting :D)spend our tyme tgther :) hopefully our relationship ever lasting :)

so i wanna share some pics :) tp agk cdey cket sbb pics ta brape lawaaaa *blur2 na maty cket

tao la gigi lawaa p0n :D

i <3 u :)

wawa pink in kaler :)

along n pullah :)

ain si kecik :)

ain,pulah n wawa :)

along,pulah n wawa :)

along :)

sayang <3


tahan lah kau ain,bola tuh beratt :P

muke abey lawak! :P

apek :) *liela pnyee :D


wit apek :) *hak milik trcpta tpelihara liela :)

abey :) *akak clah pnye suami :)

along gyle bola :)

wat a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet tutt! :D

P/S : THANKS guys,SORY to amy, iloveyou guys so fckin much!! :DD


pict 8> soo sweet
eppy alwayz both u!
i wish ur luck dear! =)

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