Tuesday, February 8, 2011

all about me :)

Name: Nurul Marissa Bt Ismail

Knicknames: Nurul,Mary :)

Birthdate: 16.03.1992

Place Of Birth: Petaling Jaya :)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Ethnic Background: Muslim

Gender: Female

Status: In a relationship :)

Siblings: 2 lil sister,una n bella

Animals: Cat?

Hair Color: Black, but dyed it light brown

Eye Color: black(mybe)

Current Location: Living room

Future Location: lol. somewhere comfertable.

Color: Black, Purple,Red,Blue

T.V. Show: Gossip Girls

Movie: A walk to remember, Twilight, Step Up..anythng will do.

Animal: Baby tiger or lion or bear!!!! they are soo cuuuteee!!!!!!!

Book: Twilight Saga and Ps I love you.

Magazine: Seventeen, Dolly and Cosmo

Band: Pussycat Dolls, Secondhand serenade,Danity Kane

Singer: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney & Kesha

Type Of Music: Pop and R&B,n now crrently "hardcore" :P

Place You Have Been: Loadsss

Store: Vincci!

Food: Thai, Western, and Home food.

Candy: anything!

Fruit Candy Flavor: Strawberry and cherry

Pizza Topping: Cheeeeeeeeeeese ;) (reallyyyyyy? :D)

Shoe Brand: Jimmy Choo,Verns

Make-Up Brand: anything. :)
Scent or Smell: sweet, sultry, sexy smell

Sound: Music

Soup: Chicken souppppp

Non-Alchoholic Drink: Berrylicious!

Candle Scent: umm.. strawberry??

Sport: Ofcoz Softball :)

Sport To Watch On T.V: Football

Flower: anything pretty.

Sit-Down Restaraunt: Chill :)

Vacation Spot: Anywhere, where there is good shopping place and a beach ;)

Clothing Brand: i dont have any, i like them all ;)

Thing To Do: Hang out with friends and party. lol :D

Song Of All Time: i dont know.

Weather To Be In: Summer

Fictional Show: dont know

Type Of Book To Read: Romance :)

Type Of Jewlery: Anything Diamondd

Bathing Suit Style: the skimpier the better.. HAHA LOL :DD

Accessory to have: anything is good :)

Gum: strawberry flavor

Cookie: the one my mum makes..

Lip Gloss Brand: Maybelline

Lingerie/Underwear Brand: Pieree Cardin ALL THE WWAAYYYY , HAHA :P 

Day of the Week: Saturday

Month of the Year: August :)

Day of the Year: 26 0f September 2010 :)

Holiday: Summer

Season: Summer

Amusment Park To Visit: Sunwayy Lagooonnnnn

Shopping Mall That You Have Been To: Suria KLCC, ITS HUGE!

City: dont know.

What Would You Choose

Cat or a Dog: Cat

Hotdog,Hamburger,Veggie Burger: Hamburger.

Candles or Regular Lighting: Candles

Beach or Mountains: Beach

Soda or Tea: Soda

Water or Kool-Aid: Water

Vegies or Fruit: Fruits

Pizza or Pasta: Pizza

Fish or Chicken: Chicken

Lake or Beach: Beach

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub: Hot tub

Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes: Flip Flops

Shopping or Playing Sports: Shopping

Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate

Getting a Pedicure or a Back Massage: Massage

Alchoholic Beverage or Non-Alchoholic: Non-Alchoholic

Swimming or Tanning: Tanning

Rain or Snow: Snow

Sunny and Hot or Cloudy and Cold: Sunny and Hot

Winter or Summer: Summer

Fall or Spring: Spring

Getting Flowers or Chocolates: Flowers

Being too tall or too short: Too short

Going to the zoo or Going to the park: Park

Renting a movie or Going to the movies: Going to the movies

Popcorn or Candy: Candy

Rollar Coaster or Ferris Wheel: Rollar Coaster

Going to Starbucks or Baskin Robbins: Starbucks

Rap Music or Alternative Music: Alternative Music

Country Music or Pop Music: Pop Music

Comedy Movie or Romance Movie: BOTH :)

Action Movie or Scary Movie: Both:)

Buy a new DVD or Buy a new CD: DVD

Getting Jewlery or Concert Tickets: Jewlery

Dancing or Singing: Dancing

Mexican Food or Chinese Food: nt sure...

Italian Food or Japanese Food: Italian

Not Getting Enough Sleep or Sleeping the Day Away: Sleeping the day away

Act in front of an audience or Sing in front of an audience: Sing in front of an audience

Mini Skirt or Short Shorts: Shorts Shorts

Tankini or Bikini: Bikini lah..

Wearing all black or Wearing all white: Wearing all black

Wedding In a Church or Wedding On the Beach: Wedding on the beach

Serious Relationship or Dating Around: Depend on your situation..

Cell Phone or Computer as Communication: Cell phone

Digital Camera or Camcorder: Digital Camera

Eating Too Much or Being Too Hungry: Eating too much

Living In the City or The Country: City

Having a Mansion or A Few Small Houses In Different Places : Mansion

Love or Money: Love

Lust or Love: Love

Having a bunch of kids or Having a bunch of pets: Bunch of kids :D


Is your best friend: i dont have to say it cz they know who they are ;)

Is you crush/boyfriend: someone <3

Do you always have the most fun with: my grls ;)

Can you tell all of your secrets to: my bitch :)

Would you travel the world with: anyone!

Is your best shopping buddy: i prefer to shop alone..  :)

Is the last person you saw a movie with: NANA :D

Is the last person you partied with: the people above and my homestays (tehah n sarah)

Is the last person you went on vacation with: My family..

Is the person who's shoulder you cry on: My baby <3

Have you known the longest: Dilys.

Makes you laugh the quickest: Helena, Chin Chi and Seagame!

Is your enemy: tidak boleh bagi tahu...  :)

Do you not get along with: ...

Is your oldest friend: uuummm.. kak fizah?

Is your youngest friend: people in yer 10?

Do you see yourself marrying: hmmm.. smeone famous ;) LOL

Is the actor you would most like to hook up with: Anyone i can get my hands on ;)

Broke Your Heart for the first time: i dont have to say it.


Do you want to be/acheive in the future: it lol

Would You Wish For With 3 Wishes: Live happy ever after, MONEYY, love that lasts..

Is the one thing you would take on a desert island: a friend!

City do you most want to visit: LA -__-

Is Your First Thoughts Waking Up: what time is it?

Are Your Last Thoughts Going to Sleep: what am i gna do 2moro... :))

Dessert are you most likely to order: dont know, dont really eat dessert..

Would you Do with a million dollars: buy all the stuff that ive always wanted.

Have You Secretly Always Wanted To Be: Secret Agent. and im not kidding!

Is Your Most Memorable Day/Night: cant tell ;)

Do You Do In Your Free Time: Facebook and TV

Animal Would You Like To Be For A Day: Bird cz i wana fly!!! haha

Is Your Least Favorite Food: Vegetables...

Is The One Thing You Regret The Most: ...

Did You Want To Be Growing Up: Something like the Totally Spies ;) or Charlie Angels!! hahah

Is You Favorite Childhood Memory: Being stupid!

Is Your Favorite Style of Clothing: Sophisticated, Classy, Up to Date and Casual

Is Your Least Favorite Style of Clothing: something thats wayy baggy or looosee!

Would You Do Today If You Were Going To Die Tomorrow: GO CRAZY!!!


Did you last see a movie: cnt rmember but last week :)

Was The Last Time You Kissed Someone: saturday?

Was The Last Time You Said I LOVE YOU: just nw.

Do you want to get married: Yes

Do you want to have children: Yes

Was the last time you went shopping: AGESS AGO

Do You want to Die: NO!

Was the last time you got your hair done: 6 day ago??

Was the last time you ate/drank: im eating now :)

Was the last time you got your way: dunnooo..

Was the last time someone bought you something:ummm, i cant remember.


Do you want to get married at: some place nice and romantic!

Do you want to go on your honeymoon: anywere as long as im with him.

Would you go if you HAD to go on a FAMILY vacation: Malaysia or Jakarta

Was Your First Time or Where would you want it to be: huhh???

Do you go when you are upset: Anywhere :)

Is your favorite place in the world: bruneiii :))) 

Do You Buy Most Of your Clothes at: The mall or any shopping place!

Would you like to go on a MISSION trip at: friends house.

P/S : sherill anis,DONE! :D


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